Taking Care of Shoes Properly

In the process of wearing shoes are exposed to harmful environmental influences like water, dirt, temperature changes or dust. If you live in Canada, you must know that your clarks mens shoes or geox women’s shoes should also withstand subzero temperatures. If you do not provide your shoes with the necessary care, even the best quality footwear will quickly become unsuitable and you’ll have to throw it out.

Shoes should be cleaned at least 2 times a week

Shoe care involves the following stages:

• Cleaning
• Drying
• Polishing
• Impregnation

Compliance with the rules above will help you to:

• Protect shoes from adverse environmental effects
•Extend the service life of shoes
•Always wear well-groomed and attractive shoes.

Cleaning shoes made of smooth leather

Dirty shoes should first be cleaned of dirt with a brush, and then dried with a soft flannel cloth. If the shoes are heavily soiled, you can wash them with cool water, trying to avoid moisture getting inside. Do not wash your shoes with hot water! Apply a special cream to the surface of dry shoes with a brush or sponge. Spread the cream evenly over the entire surface of the leather. Wait for the care product to soak and dry. Depending on what kind of cream you use, it will take from 5 to 30 minutes. To improve the appearance of shoes, they should be treated with special care products that give shine and brightness of color. To give your shoes shine, use creams, waxes or aerosols. All these products can be applied with the help of brushes (preferably made of natural materials) or a special fabric for polishing.

Cleaning shoes made of nubuck

Nubuck shoes are cleaned only in a dry condition! To remove dirt and dust, you need to use special brushes. Many producers of shoe care products offer special elastic brushes for nubuck. With the right brush, the shoes after cleaning will not only be clean, but also rough. Dirty sole and heel can be cleaned with a damp flannel cloth. You should keep in mind that the care products you use for shoes made of smooth leather, are not suitable for nubuck, so you should use special products for nubuck shoes. These can be impregnations, aerosols, creams. You can use only those which specify that they are suitable for nubuck.

Impregnation of shoes

In general, the impregnation of shoes is carried out with the help of water repellent agents. Notice, impregnation for smooth skin and nubuck is different. Therefore, pay attention to the instructions for using each of the products you use. Very often creams and waxes for cleaning and polishing have water-repellent properties.

Products for the care of lacquer shoes

Lacquer shoes are not recommended to wear daily, especially in wet weather. The glossy lacquer surface can be covered with small cracks under the influence of water and humidity. New lacquer shoes do not need to be cleaned, just wipe them with a soft cloth. You can wipe the shoes with a slightly damp cloth, and when dry, grease them with a thin layer of vegetable oil like sunflower or olive oil, and polish with a velvet cloth. You can also periodically lubricate shoes with a thin layer of glycerin. Remove the excess of glycerin, wait 15-20 minutes and then polish with a soft cloth.

If you want to make an impression of a neat and well-groomed person, you should always keep your shoes cleaned and polished. This rule applies especially to men who can sometimes neglect the cleaning procedure. Remember, your shirt can be a bit crumpled, but your shoes must be spotless.